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Dr. Hulda Clark’s Parasite Cleanse

Last year, I decided to go deeper down the rabbit hole than I had already gone.

Having an autoimmune disease (Hashimotos), I had read Izabella Wentz’s book The Root Cause.  It was a wonderful book, packed with helpful info on finding the root cause of your disease. One of the root causes discussed was parasites.

This struck a cord with me because my first appendicial pain happened about 4 years ago and I was told by my chiro that it was due to a parasite. This occurred after a food poisoning incident.

This same scary pain has since cropped up about every 6 months, usually due to questionable food.  It came and went and gnawed on my insides and generally scared the shit out of me (literally and figuratively).

So, hoping that this parasite cleanse would knock out two birds with one stone – get rid of any lingering parasites AND nix a potential root cause to Hashimotos – I went ahead and decided to go for it.

I ordered this kit from Amazon:

parasite cleanse.jpeg

The kit came with a bottle of clove capsules, a bottle of wormwood capsules and a bottle of the black walnut hull tincture.  The cloves kill the eggs while the other two kill the adult parasites.  And you need both to get rid of them completely.

And let me tell you, the more I learn about parasites, the more it makes my skin crawl and makes me want to be rid of them forever.

If you like, you can buy directly from Dr. Hulda Clark’s website.  This is an affiliate link and if you make a purchase, you will support me.  Humble thanks 🙂  Her website offers a multitude of cleanses and nutritional and herbal products to support your journey every step of the way.

Now, back to our cleansing.

At the time, I kept track of my symptoms as I went and I thought it might be helpful to anyone considering doing a parasite cleanse.

So, here is how my cleanse went:

Day 1 – directions say 1 drop of tincture, 1 wormwood and 1 capsule 3x a day of cloves.  I decided to take the tincture and wormwood and cloves in the morning before work that way only the cloves I would need to take with me to get the other 2 doses in throughout the day.  This day was uneventful.

Day 2 – directions say 2 drops of tincture, 1 capsule of wormwood and 2 capsules 3x a day of cloves.  I felt rumblings in my belly throughout the day but overall pretty normal.

Day 3 – directions say 3 drops of tincture, 2 capsules of wormwood and 3 capsules 3x a day of cloves.  Again rumblings.

Day 4 – directions say 4 drops of tincture, 2 capsules of wormwood and 3 capsules 3x a day of cloves.  Not much happened but I did have a headache under my left eye.

Day 5 – directions say 5 drops of tincture, 3 capsules of wormwood and 3 capsules 3x a day of cloves.  Took all 3 remedies in the morning and when I got to work, all hell broke loose.  I had a splitting headache this time over my right eyebrow and I felt like I was going to throw up.  Overall, I felt like HELL. Ended up going home from work (no bueno).  Now I had read that ornithine would be helpful to help mop up ammonia which is a residue from these parasites exploding or what not.  But for some reason I felt I hadn’t needed to do that since day 1-3 went so smoothly.  Oh. my. God .  Have I been made a believer in that stuff.  Got home from work, bought some at a local health food store and took 2 immediately.  And kept taking 2 at a time 3-4 hrs apart until the headache was gone.

Which worked amazingly well.  That stuff is a MUST have during a parasite cleanse unless you are taking vacation time off of work.  And I wish I was joking.

At this time I contemplated quitting the cleanse since this was a pretty horrendous experience.  But at the same time I didn’t want to undo any progress I had made in killing these things.

Obviously it was working on some level, and I imagined them writhing in pain as they gave off these noxious gasses and that was satisfying.

So I decided to continue but to tread slower and more carefully.

Day 6 – directions say 2 teaspoons of tincture, 3 capsules of wormwood capsules 3x a day of cloves.  I decided to delay day 6, and instead prolong this schedule to ease the symptoms of die off.  Too much die off at once is a dangerous thing, as it can overload our bodies with toxic substances that we can’t clear quickly enough.

I decided to stop taking everything at once in the morning. NEVER. Instead, I would take the tincture in the morning alone (4 drops, so day 4 dosage).  This worked out well, with only minimal fluish symptoms a couple hrs later, which were resolved with 1 ornithine.  The wormwood I reserved for when I got home from work and could really fall apart. And am I glad I did.  I again did the day 4 protocol which was 2 capsules of wormwood.  And not a half hour later, I had the same splitting headache.  Immediately took 2 ornithine and again 2 more in an hour.  Took 2 doses of cloves interspersed through the day.

Day 7 – but I decided to backtrack and do day 5 instead.  After the awful reaction yesterday, I decided to take it a little slower to ease the die off reaction.  So in the morning I took the 5 drops of black walnut tincture.  Took 1 ornithine at the same time as a preventative.  Then took a dose of 3 cloves a couple hours later.  Nothing but mild symptoms as a result.  In the afternoon braved the 3 capsules of wormwood.  This I was afraid of.  Took 1 ornithine with it as preventative.  By evening I was feeling surprisingly great.  As in really good!  Took another dose of 3 cloves before bed.

Woke up at midnight with a strange stomach sensation.  It was similar to what I think is appendicial pain but strangely in the past it would begin below the belly button and then migrate over to the right.  The discomfort on this night was a little bit like that but it thankfully resolved itself fairly quickly.

Day 8 – followed day 6 protocol.  Today was the big day!  A whole 2 teaspoons of black walnut hull tincture! Ack!

From here on it was smooth sailing.

Days 9-20 – I continued on my slow and steady journey of eradicating these beasts and it slowly got better and better and the reactions became less and less. It was amazing to me how I felt by the end of my cleanse. I just felt really light and unburdened.

It sounds silly and I wouldn’t have understood it if someone told me that would be the result. But I honestly did not realize what a burden on my system these parasites were until I was rid of them.

Now, a word of caution. Parasite cleanses are no joke. Especially if, like me, you have an autoimmune disease which probably means your gut is leaky. If you have not done the work of healing your leaky gut for a few years, do not attempt a parasite cleanse as it could exacerbate your condition.

They are also no joke if you have an overabundance of parasites as I suspect I did, since my symptoms were so severe. Killing an overabundance of parasites will create an overabundance of noxious material from their breakdown and that shit is toxic.

This is why daily enemas are crucial as well as ornithine. If you are not ready to commit to that, then do yourself a favor and don’t waste the time, or money on a parasite cleanse. The enemas help expel decomposing tissue out of your body because lets be real, that’s gross. I don’t want anything decomposing inside of me, thank you very much. The ornithine helps mop up excess ammonia from whatever is left. Absolutely crucial.

I found it to be especially effective by frontloading the ornithine – taking it along with the dosage of the cleanse, BEFORE the splitting headache would arrive, instead of chasing it after it was already here.

Even with having done daily enemas and ornithine during my cleanse, I found my kidneys to be tender at the tail end of the cleanse. Luckily I had purchased Hilda’s kidney cleanse simultaneously so I started it right away and within a day, the pain was gone.  Thank goodness, because that kidney pain was scary.  So again – be cautious, talk to your doctor and consider your complete health picture when deciding to do a parasite cleanse.